LatitudeLearning’s Free Learning Management System

Our friends at LatitudeLearning offer a free Learning Management System (LMS) to empower companies to deliver training in a better way.  Whether you operate a startup and need to train your staff or an enterprise and need to train an army, a Learning Management System brings structure to the chaos of deploying training.

LatitudeLearning designed their LMS to focus on the six workflows that are likely important to how you deploy training.  The six workflows are:

  • Organizing people – who belongs to which group, which groups need what training, etc.
  • Organizing content – what content a training consists of.
  • Configuring the user experience – what screens should be seen and when.
  • Managing users and access – who needs to be trained.
  • Managing training enrollments – who needs what training.
  • Tracking training progress – who completed what training.

Learn more about LatitudeLearning’s LMS here, and get the free LMS here.

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